Customer Service Agent for Edutech Labs Fze

Customer Service Agent for Edutech Labs Fze

Why work with us
Our goal at Edutech Labs is to be the No. 1 academy in the Arab world in distance education, and an essential part of the company’s success is the team because they are success partners and we are keen on the development and progress of every employee in the company. Therefore, one of the most important features of our work environment is:

  • Quick upgrades based on your learning speed and skills.
  • Monthly and annual bonuses based on performance.
  • Job opportunities including accommodation and private housing in our main office in the United Arab Emirates for qualified people.
  • The training period is fully paid with an experience certificate for the training period.
  • Linking salaries to the dollar to preserve the value of the salary from any variables.

Job duties:

  • Assisting students with communication accounts (Twitter, e-mail, Instagram, Snap) via private messages in order to help them learn English and ways to pass the IELTS and TOEFL tests in detail.
  • Helping those who want to sign up for our online courses.
  • At the end of the training period, we will inform you of our decision, which we determine based on your performance and the available opportunities.

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It will be one of the following decisions

  • Moving to work in our office in the United Arab Emirates as an assistant educational consultant or content writer.
  • Continue to work remotely (online) as a customer service agent.
  • The completion of the training period and the delivery of the company’s experience certificate.

Job Requirements
Maintain your presence throughout the working period.

Skills and requirements:

  • Good level of written and spoken English.
  • Excellent computer user.
    -Availability of a smart phone.
  • A high level of diligence.

Job details:

  • Expected Salary: 200 To 300 USD Per Month
    The training period shall be paid with a full salary.
  • After the end of the training period, a monthly bonus system begins.
  • Number of working hours: 12 hours a day, 6 days a week
    Working hours: from 12 noon to 12 am Cairo time
    Apply from here

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