Vacancies of Saib bank of egypt 2024

Vacancies of Saib bank of egypt 2024

About us
was established on the 21st of March, 1976, as the first joint Arab
Bank working in Egypt to abide by the provisions of the investment law
43 of the year 1974, which was amended in accordance with the investment
laws 230/1989 and 8/1997.
saibs issued and paid-up capital has increased from US$ 4 million
dollars in 1978 to currently reach US$ 150 million dollars distributed
over 15 million shares, par nominal value of US$ 10 dollars per share,
while the authorized capital amounts to US$ 200 million dollars.

The bank executes all banking investment, financial, and commercial
matters related to banking investment business and contributes to
financing economic, industrial, real estate, agricultural, and
commercial projects, as well as Egyptian foreign trade.
In addition to provision of loans, the bank offers short, medium and
long-term clients credit facilities, as well as retail banking products.
SAIB provides a very competitive Compensation & Benefit scheme to
attract, retain and satisfy its workforce during their work with SAIB.

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for the medical package, SAIB provide its workforce and their families a
wide range of medical networks with a competitive coverage.
Saib bank of egypt is looking for a new employees:

0 – 3 Years of Experience
graduate preferably with the following majors:
Accounting, Finance,
Economics, Banking, Investment & Business Administration

Minimum GPA: Good
Details Oriented
Good Communication Skills
Good Computer Literacy
Good Command of Arabic & English (Written & Spoken)
Strong Sales Orientation

Apply online:
[email protected]

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